Gunnar Nelson Official Supporters T-shirt

ISK 7,900

The official Gunnar Nelson supporters T-shirt. 

Front: The new Official letters for Mjölnir Mixed Martial Arts Gym in Iceland, underneath the letters spell out Gunnar Nelson.  

Back: The ancient Icelandic magical rune "Veldismagn" which has followed Gunnar into most of his UFC fights and is believed to increase power and provide protection. Surrounding it written in Icelandic medieval runes is Gunnars name.

Veldismagn was believed to increase power and provide protection. "paint with your blood and carry close to your body at all times so that nothing evil will harm you, and you will be healthy and free of sickness when traveling"

On the left shoulder:  Mjölnir, the Hammer of Thor, and the official logo for the Mjölnir Mixed Martial Arts Gym.

The design of the letters are inspired by the Icelandic medieval runes. 

Designed by Finnbogi Þór Erlendsson and Jón Viðar Arnþórsson, based on Gunnar Nelson first UFC walkout t-shirt designed by Siggi Eggertsson.

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