Odinsbud - MMA fightwear - Mjolnir - Iceland

Odinsbud is a MMA fightwear-shop, located in Mjolnir MMA gym, Reykjavik Iceland.

The UFC fighter Gunnar Nelson trains and coaches in Mjolnir along with Arni "Iceviking" Isaksson and the Irishmen Conor McGregor, Cathal Pendred and coach John Kavanagh, who have made Mjolnir they're home away from home.

Mjolnir MMA and Odinsbud base their identity on the viking heratige. The viking sagas, symbols, ideology and beliefs are therefor the main inspiration for the design of the fightware.

Mjolnir is the Hammer of the viking god Thor, which was considered to be the worlds strongest weapon.

Odin was Thor's father and the king of the viking gods.

Odinsbud means Odin´s shop or Odin´s camp.

We design and produce our own fightware. Our products are the result of a collaboration between Mjolnir´s president Jon Viðar Arnthorsson and the graphic designers Finnbogi Thor Erlendsson and Logi Kristjansson.

The clothing often includes runes and symbols drawn from the Viking age, historical events, wisdome and poetry about war, life and death. The designers dig as deep down as possible and hunt and collect the oldest versions of the Viking book´s and scripts. They have in they´re care scripts as old as from 1.600 E.K.

The gym Mjolnir is renowned for it´s great spirit and friendly companionship. The gym was founded in 2003 as a members club owned equally by the members.

Today Mjolnir MMA count over 1300 members and still treasures the genuine good will to learn and grow together. Mjolnir is by far the biggest MMA club in Iceland, Scandinavia and possibly in Europe.


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    Gunnar Nelson & Keppnislið Mjölnis (2012) from Mjolnir MMA on Vimeo.

    Conor McGregor highlight (2013) from Mjolnir MMA on Vimeo.

    Árni Ísaksson highlights (2012) from Mjolnir MMA on Vimeo.